[WEBINAR REVIEW] “World Nate” & “Intrepid Introvert” seem nice, but I’m skeptical about what lies “Behind Closed Doors”

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Today, I’ll be reviewing the “How to build a social media following” webinar with Nathan Buchanan and Hannah Martin, otherwise known as “World Nate” and “Intrepid Introvert” respectively.

They are a happy millennial couple from New Zealand who have spent two years building a life (and an income) travelling instead of working boring 9-to-5 jobs. I can definitely relate – I just got back from a month-long work/travel trip in Europe, and wandering between the beach and a laptop for days on end is a pretty awesome way to live.

The two lovebirds having tea in England.

Together, they have developed a program called Behind Closed Doors that claims to teach “the specific strategies we have used to create a sustainable income online while we travel the world.”

Not too long ago, I attended a webinar they held to promote the program. In short, I wasn’t too impressed, however I don’t think they are necessarily scammers.

Based on their demeanor and the fact that they do seem to spend an extraordinary amount of time travelling the world, I suspect that they are better at doing the stuff they claim to do than they are at explaining it.

Who are Nate and Hannah?

Nathan Buchanan

Nate is a former New Zealand plumber who decided that fixing people’s toilets was not the life he wanted to lead. Now, he travels the world with his girlfriend.

If you look at Nate’s social media channels, there’s no doubt that he travels the world a lot. He’s got ample video and photo evidence to prove it. Personally, he strikes me as a bit of a surfer bro, but he’s probably a ton of fun to drink with.

Hannah Martin

Hannah graduated from an accounting program in 2014, and like Nate, she wanted to follow a different path in life. Now, she travels the world with her boyfriend.

There’s also no doubt in my mind that she travels a lot. Again, plenty of photo evidence.

The Webinar

After attending more than a few webinars, seminars, master classes, and training sessions on social media management, I’m starting to think that the “secrets” to social media success are pretty much common sense – have a unique message, post consistently, repeat for months until you get traction.

I don’t doubt that Hannah and Nate are skilled with social media, and they’d likely be a shoo-in for a social media management job in corporate if they ever got tired of traipsing around the world.

That said, their webinar wasn’t terribly informative. The wisdom they imparted could be boiled down to the following:

  • Have a niche: Where have we heard that before? (Oh yeah, every other webinar in existence)
  • Be a good storyteller: Good advice, but their explanation left a lot to be desired, and doesn’t leave me confident in that they can actually teach other people about storytelling.
  • Make sure you link your social media accounts together: That way, you can post one piece of content across multiple social channels. Also known as Social Media 101.

If you want to learn about how to choose a niche, or tell stories, there are better resources out there.

Annoying Sales Tactics

Like other webinars geared towards aspiring world travelers and millennial entrepreneurs, Nate and Hannah (mostly Nate) bragged about their lifestyle, had a rags-to-riches story (see Nate’s video above), and assured people that this “isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme” and you’ll have to “put in the work”.

I didn’t find them (read: Nate) nearly as annoying as Mike Vestil or Sam Ovens, but he was definitely wearing his salesperson hat during the webinar. That said, I’d still have a beer with them if our paths happened to cross.

What are they selling?

As you can tell, Nate and Hannah have built up a pretty sizable social media following over the past couple of years. The goal of Behind Closed Doors is to show other people how to build a social media empire of their own.

The course includes a step-by-step guide on how to build up a blog, monthly reports with tips, tricks, and thoughts, and a list of digital business ideas.

Do they know what they’re talking about? Probably, in the sense that they can clearly do it for themselves. But just because someone is a subject matter expert doesn’t mean they’re good teachers.

Is it worth the money? Who knows. Based on the webinar, I’m not sure they bring enough of a unique perspective to the world of social media management to justify buying this course over anything else.

As always, if you’ve taken this course and have something to say, please sound off in the comments.

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