Baremetrics’ founder releases “reflection” article containing unexpected nuggets of wisdom

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Baremetrics is some SaaS company that helps you collect analytics on something or whatever, and in March 2017 they hit $1.5 million in revenue – congratulations!

To celebrate, their founder, Josh Pigford, released an article with 33 pieces of wisdom for startups. Typically, these types of articles are self-important odes to hard work, ‘hustle’, and self-belief, but this one has some useful food for thought.

“33 lessons from the trenches of building a million dollar company”

If you’re an insight junkie and have five minutes to skim it, it’s probably worth a read. Unfortunately, it’s likely that these types of lessons are the things that 20-something startup bros will nod their heads at and then never follow up on. The best teacher, after all, is experience.

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